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AMIA Chapter Founding President, Valeria Dávila, presents poster at AMIA 2020

Reassessment and Deselection Strategy: ‘Farmers of the Sea’ Case Study

Valeria Dávila Gronros, Oregon State University Libraries and Press

In mid-2019, the Oregon State University Valley Library began moving collections from an old off-site storage facility set for demolition, to another facility. However, some audiovisual collections that were partially processed were first moved to the library for a reassessment to identify materials most appropriate for retention and deaccession. I was charged with reassessing the production elements of “Farmers of the Sea” (Jim Larison, 1984), a 16mm film documenting aquaculture practices in the US and abroad.

In November 17, 2020, I presented a poster about this project at the AMIA 2020 Online Annual Conference, focused on my approach to the project, the challenges encountered, and the preliminary findings. By sharing this project, I sought to ignite conversation about these practices across the AMIA community, and most especially with colleagues going through similar situations at academic archives. The 2019 AMIA Conference was my first as an attendee, and presenting a poster in my second one has been an amazing experience.

Poster by Valeria Dávila presented at AMIA 2020 Virtual Annual Conference

My poster presentation at the conference was pre-recorded. I’ve made available the recording through my YouTube channel. Check out all the amazing posters of the session here:

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